In 1999 Corrugated Gear and Services, Inc. acquired the intellectual assets and exclusive right to manufacture and sell the General Taper line of corrugated box-making and finishing equipment.  In this purchase, CG&S received more than 90 machine tools and hundreds of parts.  These assets have been relocated to Alpharetta , GA , and installed in CG&S’s modern facility, along with a group of key employees with decades of experience building and installing General products.  Machines are produced under the name General Taper/Gluer Company.
We have already made many improvements to the venerable General line, including an enhanced digital control system, easier upgrades via pre-engineering of channels, strengthening of the lifts, and development of a patented pop-up stop system that automatically ensures that your boxes are square when joining two-piece boxes or extremely long panel cartons.
We make box joining equipment in various configurations:
Also available for your existing General machine:
  • Replacement Program to replace channels, rollers, tape heads - well, everything inside the frames!
  • Electronic Upgrade to replace limit switches with an A-B PLC for fast, accurate set-ups and running.
  • Full line of parts and assemblies including new tape heads.

General Taper/Gluer Company recommends using the Blue Crest line of tapes from HOLLAND MANUFACTURING COMPANY!

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